An online reading of Ulysses

Participating worldwide cities include:


Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Moscow, Pula, Trieste, Bangor, Dublin, Edinburgh, Derry, Cork, London, New York, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, Sao Paulo and Boston..


All readings are available to watch live here on from Saturday 15th June Irish time 2100.

Dublin’s James Joyce Centre and gratefully acknowledge support from Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Irish Embassies and Consulates worldwide, Radio Stations, Television Stations, Arts Organisations, Irish American Heritage Centres, Bars, Colleges and Universities and all our Bloomsday Clubs, James Joyce Foundations and James Joyce Schools working to present







AUCKLAND City Library        

Ireland                        Local

2100                         8.00am         

Bloomsday Eve       Bloomsday

1.          Telemachus    40 minutes

2.          Nestor              25 minutes

3.         Proteus              25 minutes


MELBOURNE Bloomsday  and Radio 3ZZZ       

Ireland                   Local

2245                        7.45am

Eve                          Bloomsday

3.          Proteus     17 minutes

4.         Calypso     40 minutes

5.         Lotus Eaters   33 minutes


SYDNEY Consulate General of ireland

Ireland                       Local

1230                           9.30am

5.         Lotus Eaters     2 minutes

6.         Hades                43 minutes


CANBERRA Irish Embassy and National Film and Sound Archive

Ireland                 Local

0130                     10.30am

6.          Hades     7 minutes

7.         Aeolus     38 minutes


TOKYO Embassy of Ireland & Tokyo James Joyce Society            

Ireland                    Local

02.30                       10.30am      

7.          Aeolus         22 minutes

8.          Lestrygonians   23 minutes


BEIJING Irish Embassy and Bookworms Bookshop

Ireland                  Local

03.30                    10.30am

8.         Lestrygonians       45 minutes


SHANGHAI Forterra Connections (Formerly Irish Arts Centre)

Ireland                   Local

0430                      11.30am

9.  Scylla and Charybdis      45 minutes


SINGAPORE Irish Embassy

Ireland                       Local

0530                          12.30pm

9.     Scylla and Charybdis      25 minutes

10.   Wandering Rocks           20 minutes


MOSCOW Library and Irish Embassy

Ireland                Local

06.30                     9.30am

10. Wandering Rocks     45 minutes



Ireland                Local

0730                   8.30am

10.  Wandering Rocks      10 minutes

13.  Nausicaa                      35 minutes


TRIESTE James Joyce School 

Ireland                      Local        

0930                          10.30am

13           Nausicaa                    10 minutes

14.          Oxen of the Sun       35 minutes                                      


BANGOR University

Ireland               Local

1045                 10.45am

11.  Sirens        90 minutes

(Features Live Music)


DUBLIN James Joyce Centre and National Library

Ireland          Local

1230              12.30pm

12. Cyclops   120 minutes

Features Joseph O’ Connor, Kevin Barry, John Boyne, Sarah Harte, Declan Hughes, Frank Kelly, Jack Harte, John Sheahan and many more!


Edinburgh The Scottish Storytelling Centre     

Ireland             Local

1430                  2.30pm

14.         Oxen of the Sun 45 minutes


DERRY Verbal Arts Centre        

Ireland               Local

1530                    3.30pm

14.         Oxen of the Sun 40 minutes

15.         Circe                        5 minutes


CORK Mutant Space Bar Quays

Ireland                 Local

1630                      4.30pm

15.   Circe            45 minutes


LONDON Irish Centre

Ireland               Local

1730                    5.30pm

15. Circe            45 minutes


NEW YORK Radio Bloomsday

Ireland                  Local

1830                       1.30pm

15. Circe                45 minutes


MONTREAL Bloomsday Group

Ireland                   Local

1930                        2.30pm

15.         Circe         45 minutes


OTTAWA Irish Embassy and St. Brigid’s Arts Centre

Ireland                     Local

2030                         3.30pm

15.       Circe             15 minutes

16.       Eumaeus      30 minutes


TORONTO Bloomsday Group      

Ireland                         Local

2130                              4.30pm

16.       Eumaeus        45 minutes


NEW YORK NYU and American Friends of James Joyce        

Ireland                          Local

 2230                             5.30pm

16.        Eumaeus   10 minutes

17.        Ithaca        35 minutes


SAN FRANCISCO Irish Embassy and Local Edition Bar

Ireland                            Local

2330                                3.30pm

17.        Ithaca               45 minutes


CHICAGO, Irish American Heritage Center

Ireland                         Local

0030                             6.30pm

17.       Ithaca             45 minutes



Ireland                        Local

01.30                           9.30pm

17.        Ithaca            10 minutes

18.       Penelope        35 minutes



Ireland                         Local

0230                              9.30pm                                                                  

18.      Penelope          45 minutes


Ulysses Global Readings scheduled to finish approx 0315 Irish time very late on Bloomsday night Sunday 16th June on